It seems like it was just Christmas and New Year’s Day, yet somehow, my high school junior has had another break from school. His school takes advantage of their overloaded calendar to add some extra days off here and there. But when faced with this extra time, what do you do?

Previously, it has been a week to hang out at home and sort of ‘do nothing,’ but with college on his horizon soon, we decided to do a college visit. We visited one of the biggest and oldest universities in the state, and learned just about everything you need to know about your potential life on campus. He wasn’t completely sold, but I could see the door in his mind opening to it. He’s had his heart set on a certain school for a while, but now he’s clearly evaluating other options.

Winter break also meant a break from the busy-ness of a school week. It gave me the chance to catch up on some writing business and explore other avenues I haven’t previously put much thought in to. It was a great time to reset and refocus, even though it seems so close to the beginning of the year.

But yesterday, it was back to life as normal. My son was back at school, and I have another week of planned writing ahead of me. In fact, I’ve been so engrossed in my planning today that I nearly forgot about this blog post!