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My Writing Journey

 Keri Rozansky was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. From a young age, Keri learned a love of books and reading while sitting on the living room couch with her family. At age 12, she started writing stories like the ones she had been reading.

As a teenager, she developed her skills by writing anything and everything whenever possible. Keri filled notebook upon notebook of handwritten material including poetry, short stories, and longer work, but kept these mostly to herself.

It wasn’t until she got up the courage to start showing her work to others that she though of turning her passion into a career. After earning a degree in literature and language, Keri became a news editor and writer of radio content, followed by several other writing and editing positions.

After choosing to become a stay at home parent, Keri turned to her passion for writing fiction once again. Starting with short stories, she has built many worlds and characters and hopes to publish her first novel soon.

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