The Normal Day will be fully-published by the end of the month! Episodes 1 & 2 are currently LIVE on Kindle Vella. Episode 3 will be up soon, followed quickly by episode 4.

Yesterday marked the first day of the New Year that life was “normal”: my son went back to school. His day, however, was anything but normal. His schedule changed quite drastically, and now he ping-pongs back and forth across the school seemingly for every class. He has new teachers to get used to, and scheduling like his first period class being moved to the very end of the day. He knows he’ll get used to it, but new routines are always difficult.

Another new routine that’s to become normal is this blog. As I said before, look for posts every Tuesday! Other new routines I hope to become normal include a writing schedule that gives you all a complete Kindle Vella story every month. It’s actually all scheduled out on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

What are some of your normal routines? What do you hope to make a normal routine in 2024 – is it merely writing “2024” instead of “2023”? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.