Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve been lucky enough to have my dad in my life my entire life. My parents are still married, and I see him (and my mom) regularly. He’s a great man who has always worked hard for his family. He was always there to tell me I can do whatever I want even if it seemed like something for boys, and he has supported me no matter what. I have hundreds of memories and pictures of things we did together that may have seemed odd for a father/daughter dynamic, but there’s nothing in the world I would change.

I’m lucky that he’s still healthy, active, and totally present. As I said, he’s been a great dad, and an equally great grandfather. He loves my son and has a fatherly pride for all his accomplishments, and eagerly awaits his upcoming senior year of high school and beyond.

I mention my son, so there’s another Dad that’s close to my heart. My husband. Our son is in the summer before his senior year, and my husband has been his biggest supporter and encourager. He offers our son opportunities to explore the world and his skills, and build new ones. He pushes and encourages, and cheers him on. No one stood taller or chest puffed out more than my husband standing next to our son at his Eagle Scout court of honor.

These men are both great, biological fathers. There are so many other ways a person can be a father, and more meaningfully, a Dad. There are all sorts of families today, including families where one parent does the work of two. All of these families should celebrate their father figures, no matter what they look like.

There are other dads who aren’t dads by blood or by marriage. These people step up and support and encourage their children’s friends. I have a number of friends whose parents I don’t really know their names, because they’ve always been “Mom” or “Dad”. Sometimes I find myself asking ‘what’s your dad’s (or mom’s) name again?’ These ‘second parents’ are part of a child’s support system they may not recognize until much later in life, but they ask for nothing – not even recognition.

No matter what the Dad in your family looks like – biological, adopted, foster, or even a different family member like an uncle or grandfather, today is the day to celebrate them.

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