This month’s Kindle Vella blog post was meant to announce this month’s story. Sadly, instead, this month’s post is about leaving the platform. If you haven’t read the last installments of The Next Keeper, I’ll be leaving it as well as The Normal Day, and The Elevator up until the end of the month. After that, all my work on Kindle Vella will be unpublished.

I’ve enjoyed posting these short episodes and stories for you all to enjoy, but Amazon is making it an inhospitable place for writers. If you’ve enjoyed any other content on Kindle Vella, watch for announcements from your favorite stories and authors. When one side benefits, another often has to lose. Amazon has decided to make the first TEN episodes free to read rather than the previous three. For writers who post very short stories, which may top out at or below that ten episode mark, we are giving away our stories for free. Each unlock will now only be ten tokens, when in the past it depended on the episode length. Watch for writers who once provided thrilling and detailed content to start cutting things drastically in response to these changes. I’m not upset they’re trying to serve their readers better, but it is sad that it has to be at the expense of their writers.

I will be looking for another platform to continue to share these stories with you. Watch the blog for announcements related to where we can connect again!