At the end of last year I took part in a “fresh start” seminar for my writing. We talked about making goals, planning, and setting yourself up for writing success in the new year. I’ve been working through some of the principles and have gotten way ahead of where I estimated I would be at this time.

– I’ve been keeping up on this blog weekly.

– I’ve been writing, editing, and posting episodes to my Kindle Vella stories on a regular basis (another coming for The Next Keeper later this week!)

– Keeping a monthly calendar of everything, from the way I spend budget my writing time to making sure chores get done and appointments are kept.

– Making changes to get my writing “out there” even more

– A lot more

Today’s post is about ‘making changes to get my writing ‘out there’ even more.’ I’ve created a Substack, where you can get the scoop on my upcoming novel. Meet and learn about the characters, the world, and all the fun behind-the-scenes you wish you knew about your other favorite books and authors.

The Glass Creek Chronicles can be found at