One of the things I decided to do this year (no, not a New Year’s Resolution), was to devote more time to my fiction writing. I’ve done that so far, and have been closer to the next steps of publishing than ever before. Now, I have time to kick it up even more. After weeks of contract and payment negotiations, I have parted ways with the company I was contracting with. Throughout the process my husband and I prepared our family finances for the hole losing this income will cause in the short term.

Thankfully, his business is beginning to boom, and while I continue to work toward my first book being published, I’ll be joining his business. He absolutely do not like writing. Also, he knows the value of my skills. As he organizes toward some next steps, I’ll be focusing on making sure the message he wants to send gets sent properly. I’ll be working on website content, documents, and other documents and files to make sure that too is too and not two, and that the sometimes rambling and stream-of-consciousness writing he produces is tight and ready to present to potential investors and clients.

While quitting my contract job may seem like a sad end to over three years with this company, I see it as a bright new horizon, full of opportunities and experiences that will strengthen my writing and editing muscles. The still flexible schedule working in my husband’s business provides will mean plenty of time for writing, so I can deliver what I hope will be your next favorite book.