I have a picture on my computer’s background right now of my son at just five-years-old. He’s walking down a Maui beach with messy feet and waterlogged shorts. His hair is blowing in the wind, and he has a silly grin. He’s by himself, but he’s walking toward what he wants – I’m pretty sure my husband and I are standing behind the camera, encouraging him to walk forward like the photographer wants.

Fast forward to today, or rather, last Wednesday. My husband and I sat in a room at his high school, listening to the college counselor talk about how they’re going to start prepping for college applications. As we listen, I still think it’s too early for this, because he’ll always be the little boy walking down the beach in Maui. But he’s not. He’s still looking forward to the fun and adventure ahead, but that fun and adventure has changed.

Instead, it’s fun and adventure on his own. Where? That’s yet to be determined. At school, he and his classmates will start to get familiar with the application process, they’ll start prepping for things like the ACT, and officially creating their “resume.” With us, he’ll be starting to tour more college campuses and learn about programs and figure out what he wants to do. He currently has his eye – and possibly his heart – set on a certain school, and this first choice may take him miles away. We’re encouraging him to look into schools closer to home, but we also understand he needs to investigate what’s best for where he wants to direct his future.

He also needs to know the road isn’t as smooth and straight as some people may lead you to believe. His dad and I are shining examples. If you’ve read my bio, you know I’ve had a very long road leading to where I want to be as a published author. Your support is helping me get there.

All the support my son is about to receive will help him get there, too.

Where do you find the most valuable support for what you do? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!