When I decided to start a blog, I struggled with just what it should be about.  I still am.  Whenever I have a major question, I turn (probably like many people) to the Internet.  I thought, I’ll just type in something like “first blog post” or “topics for first blog posts for writers”.  Most of the suggestions (at least with Google) that came up pointed to other peoples’ blogs with posts about how to write a blog, and some ideas on topics.  Sadly, those topics sounded like topics for established blogs that already have several-dozen posts: there were no suggestions on what the springboard topic should be.  I thought about a bio, but that seemed cheesy.  Besides, you can read my bio elsewhere on the site.  Another suggestion from the ever-dependable Internet was “stick to a theme”.  So I’m trying to pick one, but every one I come up with seems too limiting.  My husband suggested writing tips and tricks, but that sort of thing dries up quick – not to mention the hundreds and maybe thousands of writers already offering such content on their blogs.  I think I’ll sleep on it.