Happy Friday everyone!

Since it’s the weekend, how about we talk about what you do on the weekend?  What’s your favorite weekend activity (besides finally getting through all the chores and yardwork you didn’t get to during the week)?  Me, personally: I like to read and (of course) write.  I also like to swim and play tennis or golf, but those will likely be going by the wayside as it gets cooler here in Arizona over the next weeks.  So I must (such a hardship) fill my time with writing and reading instead.  So how about some recommendations?  What are your favorite books/authors (you can leave them in the comments)?  I love just about anything written by Nora Roberts.  I just finished reading the second book in her “Bridal Quartet” series and have started the third.  I am waiting no so patiently for the third book in her InnBoonsboro trilogy to be released some time in November – and if any of my friends/family is reading this post, please know it is on my Christmas wish list (it’s titled “The Perfect Hope”).  I like humor articles like the ones written on www.cracked.com.  I am getting back in to the Curious George series of books because my son has taken a shine to them and the last 3 out of 4 times he’s had library day at school he has come home with a new “George” book.  So, leave your favorite authors or titles in the comments and have a happy weekend!