Last night my husband was playing Scrabble on his cell phone.  My son, who is recently in to word searches, found the “word search” game on Daddy’s phone and wanted to play.  To make things a little messy, I have an actual word search app on my phone.  So my husband spent a few minutes trying to explain the difference between a word search and Scrabble.  Our son thought this new word search game was “pretty awesome” and wanted to play.  At one point, my husband said something along the lines of “this is the reason why you do reading and spelling in school, so you can play games like this”.  I came back with the inevitable that’s not the only reason to learn reading and spelling.  To which he responded that without the reading and spelling a person wouldn’t be able to play the game.  There’s a lot more to lose out on besides playing Scrabble if you can’t read or spell.  I’m a little late, since National Literacy Month was in September, but, like everything else we celebrate for a month (breast cancer awareness, write a business plan, and so many other things), the celebration should last throughout the year.  September might be National Literacy Month, but that doesn’t deter people from reading and writing in the other 11 months of the year.  The good thing: my son loves books – he can’t wait to go to the library every week on Wednesday to get a new book.  Some things to celebrate this month (that have to do with reading/writing): dyslexia awareness, reading group, and right-brainers rule.  For more celebrations and awareness go here: