At the risk of sparking a political debate, I say I CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL THIS STUPID (that’s the clean word) ELECTION IS OVER!  The third and final debate was tonight, and since I’ve pretty much made up my mind, I didn’t watch.  No amount of talking back and forth prompted by a “moderator” supposedly “asking questions” is no way to make important decisions such as who should run our local, state, and—especially— federal governments.  But I’m thinking I may as well be watching, since both Facebook and Twitter are blowing up with comments and “updates” in a second-by-second live rehashing of every syllable uttered by the two men vying for a chance to run the country.  And this article from gives some very good reasons why this decision should be made carefully.  Yes, is mostly a comedy website, but in some articles there’s as much truth and fact as there is a comment here and there to lighten the mood about the dark topic being covered.  So instead of posting and reposting all the silly little political photos that constantly make the rounds on social media, how about actually doing your own research on a candidate and deciding for yourself if the person who is being degraded and demonized or the person who is being painted as the angelic answer to all our prayers is really the person we want running the country.  You may surprise yourself, and all the political propaganda trying to make you vote for a certain candidate won’t me a darn thing after November 6, and won’t mean a thing again for another four years.  If you don’t want to do your own research, I’ll do it (since I’m great at it) and let you know.  Then you can decide.