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About Keri Rozansky

From a young age, Keri learned a love of books and reading sitting on the couch in the living room with the family, reading to one another.  At the age of 12, she started writing for her own satisfaction.

As a teenager, her school writing was greatly praised by teachers and fellow students alike.  Still, she was one of the many who felt her more creative work was “only for herself” and not others.  When she started showing her work to others, people encouraged her to take it more seriously.  Keri filled notebook upon notebook of handwritten material including poetry, short stories and theater scripts.

Keri majored in English – Literature and Language with a minor in Movement Science (Physical Education) at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan with plans to become a teacher.  She married and moved to Phoenix with her new husband, where she substitute taught while trying to land a writing job.

After several years as a radio news copy writer at a newswire service, Keri joined a writing critique group, Writers Round Table – Phoenix and began work on her first book.  The help, support, and unsweetened criticism she received helped drive her to become a better writer.  Still unpublished, Keri is working her fingers to the bone – or her keyboard ’til the keys fall off – writing what she hopes to become published soon.

Keri is listed on under the “Writers” and “Arizona Authors” categories.  Follow her at  You can also find her on Facebook at

Keri currently lives in Scottsdale with her husband George F. and their son George W.