How about something writer-like today?  Since I separated from the company I had been working for, I decided to grow my freelance business – partly by updating my website and establishing this blog.  I’m thinking of turning back to the book I had been writing before taking the job, but I’m just not certain I can get back into it.  I had also been attending a writers’ critique group up until I got stuck with third shift and was just too tired to go anymore.  I had made one rather huge change before leaving the group, and they loved it:  I changed the voice of the story from an omniscient narrator to the main character speaking in first-person.  I’ve always hated the major drawback to first-person writing: the only events that can occur are the events that your POV character experiences.  Since I’d been writing in third person, I have a lot of important scenes that now need to be cut, or possibly re-worked, because they happen without the narrator present.  These are pretty poignant scenes in my opinion.  It also means (most likely) a total re-write of the first 15 or so chapters of the book.  I don’t know if I’m 1) ready to take that on and 2) even interested in taking such a task on.  So, my questions to you are: what kind of books do you like to read?  Is the narrator omniscient?  Or are they written in first-person?  Maybe even in present-tense?