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Spotlight on Service: Blogging

Spotlight on Service: Blogging I’ve met some great new people networking.  As we talk (or they talk about themselves and their business), I assess what they say.  Inevitably they talk about what it is they want to do to take their business to the next level or just reach a new audience.  One of those things is “I’d like to start a blog, but…I don’t know where to start.”  Then comes “What is it you do?” And I fire back with: “I’m a writer and specialize...

Writing It Down

Writing It Down I’ve taken some time off from writing, as you may have noticed.  I’m busy trying to find work and getting ready to send my son to (Oh My Gosh!) FIRST GRADE!!!!  This includes the frantic dash between stores like Target and Wal-Mart to pick up what seems like too much stuff –crayons, markers, pencils…and the list goes on.  Sure, the kids will be using them to write and color, but just the act of doing so will strengthen not only their...