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Now On Google+

Now you can find me on Google+.  Go ahead.  It’s here.  The kindergarten moms from my son’s school get together every first Wednesday of the month, and one of them is an SEO specialist.  She said businesses that are legit are on Google+.  Even though I might be a startup – or in my case a re-start-up, because I first started launching this after I lost my job in 2010 but put it aside again until after I lost yet another job in June of this year.  My...

I’m Back

Have you missed me?  I had an eye infection (no, NOT Pink Eye) and I couldn’t see.  No, not blindness, but it was very hard and painful to keep my right eye open, then once I could, I was so light-sensitive I might as well have kept my eye closed.  But things are clearing up now, and I’ve actually been able to have the lights on and go out in the sun.  Sounds drastic, huh?  Well, it was.  But I got to an ophthalmologist who prescribed some very nice eye...